Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BRP Design Worth a Good, Long Look

Bombardier Recreational Products headquartered in Quebec, east of Montreal, make the most ridiculously fun toys humans can play with - imho, most unique, fun, and well-designed personal watercraft, roadster, and atv vehicles out there.  Sea-Doo and CanAm Spyder are the two of their brands I appreciate most.  Note BMW-like attention to detail, sweeping curves, angles, chamfers, color breaks, finishes, and lighting.  Not to mention the unique 2 front-wheel base configuration.  While they get pretty pricey, especially the Spyder RT, I think they pay it all off in the amount of fun they provide.


  1. Your readers might be interested in my BLOG all about the CanAm Spyder from an owners perspective http://www.spyderryder.com.au

  2. Sweet, wish I was in Aussieland on your sweet machines. Can't wait till I can actually afford to invest into one.