Sunday, March 28, 2010

Design Revolution Road Show

The Design Revolution road show is a traveling exhibition and lectures given by Project H, an organization committed to improving peoples' lives on a global scale through power of design.  That is exactly the goal of the exhibition, which is traveling around the country right now in their Airstream trailer.  They're stopping in 35 schools and universities, featuring 40 humanitarian designs that solve problems for people in ingenious ways.  A great example is the Roughrider wheelchair designed by Whirlwind Wheelchair International, a San-Francisco company;  it features a rugged construction, anti-tip bar, and a long wheelbase optimized for conditions in the developing world.  All these products are part of their book called "Design Revolution: 100 products that empower people."  I have allways been their big fan, since not only does Project H design affordable solutions for the underpriveleged and overlooked, they spread the good message about the importance of good design, and how it changes the world for the better in every way.

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