Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Designers Accord - Biomimicry Challenge:

"Have a design challenge? Ask nature for the solution" - states the top entry on The Designers Accord's site.  Very refreshing to see this great topic brought to attention of one of the most important design hubs out there.  The Designers Accord, according to their own definition is "...a global coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders, working together to create positive environmental and social impact."  They promote ecological awareness and serious sustainability through successful design case studies features on their site.  Fast Company posted a great article on Biomimicry, definitely worth reading.  I would also point out that when they say "...If we're trying to do it, chances are, nature already did it better", they are certainly missing the obvious, that God created nature and the world we live in with its amazing design all around us available for reference.  Saying that "mother nature" has done this or developed that has the same logic as the big bang theory, which literally makes the case for the great complexity and order on the level of the DNA molecule resulting from a giant explosion billions of years ago.  Unbelievably this theory is still taken seriously by world's scientists.  To me the fact that we and the world around us has been designed by the Intelligent Designer is as clear as the fact that a computer we're all using has been intelligently designed, engineered, and manufactured, vs. came out of an explosion and then evolved over a long period of time.  So, again, it is very refreshing to see Biomimicry highlighted on both sites.

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