Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LG EcoMobilization Program

Looking at LG, I was very impressed by their EcoMibilization program which provides numerous ways to recycle phones, and most importantly makes it easy.  Simple truth is most of us would recycle gladly if it was made easier.  You can print out a form off this site, request a free pre-paid pack, and ship the old phone to them, or just drop it off at a number of the mobile recycling bins, including ones by Waste Management which they partner with.  Additionally, LG came up with the Skycharger, a fully green freestanding phone charging station in a tent, which uses wind turbines and solar panels to create peak power or 1.8Kw, and can charge 104 phones per hour.  More of those Skychargers are going to be setup around the country, according to their facebook page.  My applause to all companies that make a visible effort to be ecologically responsible, encouraging recycling, power conservation, and renewable energy production.

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