Friday, March 26, 2010

Message on Soda Sugar Drinks - Design Makes a Difference:

Thank you Jesus someone at Bloomberg's administration is clearly getting how focused well-designed ad campaign can seriously change behaviour for the better.  I'm getting excited to the point of being giddy, since I learned through Fast Company that this ad against Coke / Pepsi's sad little sugar-obsessed world has appeared in New York City's subways and apparently made a real difference.  At least in the amount of attention it quickly generated and focused on the issue - by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  Message about sodas slowly killing you has been out there for decades, but never in this clear anti-smoking kind of manifestation.  I have not had a soda drink for so many years I literally can't remember when was the last time. 

And loving every minute of it - understanding the battle we all face with a host of deadly diseases it DID NOT take much convincing for me to drop the sugar drinks, and turn to the obviously healthy water and tea (green and jasmine variations in particular, yumm!!) years ago, along with chucking red meat and fast food crap, replacing it with anti-inflammatory Japanese and Mediterranean diets that are not just healthy, but the most delicious ever.  My wife and I are serious connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine, "collecting" as many Japanese restaurants as we can all over the country.

So - my hat's off to Mayor Bloomberg's administration and their efforts to actually improve their city's health with well-designed ads that influence behavior on the emotional level, which is exactly what good design does, whether it's graphic, industrial, or architectural.

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