Sunday, April 25, 2010

G Magno Wooden Radios

These wonderful wooden radios and products are the creation of Singgih Kartono, a talented award-winning designer from Indonesia.  What makes them truly remarkable is the story of how Magno business came to be.  Singgih comes from a village in central Javah, and when he saw economic situation there drastically deteriorating, he decided to utilize exotic local woods and skilled craftspeople to make these beautifully designed radios and office-related products.  The New Craft method that Singgih's company Piranti Works employs is basically a combination of traditional craft making with efficient modern manufacturing and production elements.  Moreover these products are produced in a truly green and environmentally sustainable way - Piranti replants every tree they use for production through their nursery, with a local high school participating in the effort.  Everyone wins in this scenario - more local population gets employed, and more forest is being regenerated.  Magno products are marketed here in the US through Areaware, an NYC-based design manufacturer, and have received Japan's coveted "Good Design" award.

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