Sunday, April 11, 2010

New York International Auto Show

My friend and I visited NYC auto show last week;  while a sad departure from the lavish glorydays of the early and mid-nineties, back when economy was actually swell enough to allow for giant stacks of cars hanging on displays in all directions, it was a good show to attend nevertheless.  Noticeable was the absence of numerous concept vehicles like in the past;  the few that were on display did show off some inspiring design and technology.  Granite from GM was a welcome departure from what we're used to seeing coming out of motor city in the recent past;  solid sculpted surfaces, angles, proportions, and refreshing interior with harmonious combination of whites, browns, and grays.  Audi E-tron was easily the hottest sports ev in the green pavilion, and Toyota's FT-CH plugin hybrid's design was a welcome sight, especially when you compare it to Prius.  But of course, saving the best for last, BMW in my ultra-humble opinion ruled the show, or why don't I just say rules the entire automotive world with a reliably fun, confident, balanced, and o-so-meticulously designed vehicles.  The new 3 series is breathtaking, Z4's interior - pure joy, and the latest 7 series was just stunning to behold, especially their ultra-long proportions and taillight treatment.  I should mention too, Volvo, Saab, and Mercedes had plenty of great products on display, to be sure - check out my large collection of shots here.

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