Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Solar-Powered Plane Takes Off:

In Payerne, Switzerland, the largest solar-powered airplane completed its maiden flight today.  They are planning a 100% fuel-free/emission-free flight around the world.  A truly major encouraging development in the sustainable design world.  According to Bertrand Piccard who's the leader of SolarImpulse project, "The goal is to fly day and night with no fuel. The goal is to demonstrate the importance of renewable energies, to show that with renewable energies we can achieve impossible things..."  While this is just the beginning, and the solar technology is nowhere near ready for commercial aviation, it the obvious first step that had to happen, and I'm celebrating that it did.  This plane uses 12000 solar cells, 4 motors, and rechargeable lithium batteries.  Can't wait to see the grand launch!

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