Monday, December 26, 2011

Greenpeace has created a concise and clear presentation on why genetically engineered / modified foods are bad for the world.  From a small number of corporate conglomerates that own, produce and distribute GE/GM products, Monsanto is by far the biggest and the worst.  Reaching far into state and federal government dotted with former Monsanto executives that keep well-oiled corruption machine going, they deploy a well organized army of lobbyists to make sure the authorities keep any serious regulation back from Monsanto's business of increasing crop production while destroying near-by natural and organic crops, all in the name of profits and dividents for shareholders.  That has dire consequences, which are consistently ignored by this corrupt industry.  Take a look at this and judge for yourselves: 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An interesting new release from Dassault Systems - Catia V6 includes Natural Sketch, which streamlines rough sketching into quick 3D models to play with during the design ideation phase.  Functionality appears similar to Alias Design, but I'd have to try it out to really be able to judge the differences:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BMW Connected Drive

Talk about world's top design-driven company.  BMW design team just outdid themselves - The Connected Drive concept:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

9 Myths about Electric Vehicles:

Sierra Club just posted a great article debunking common myths and fears about owning and driving an electric car.  They are:

Myth 1: Switching to an electric vehicle will just mean that the same amount of pollution comes from the electricity generation rather than from the tailpipe — I'll just be switching from oil to coal.
Myth 2: Plug-in cars will lead to the production of more coal and nuclear plants.
Myth 3: Electric car batteries pose a recycling problem.
Myth 4: My electricity bill will go way up.
Myth 5: Electric vehicles will just fail again like they did before.
Myth 6: My battery will run out of juice.
Myth 7: Electric vehicles are much more expensive than traditional vehicles.
Myth 8: Electric vehicles are only available in California.
Myth 9: Charging an EV on solar power is a futuristic dream.

The picture above is of the new beautiful Tesla Model S coming out next year.  What they're doing right, as opposed to most other manufacturers of electrics so far, is they design the electric to be as exciting OR MORE exciting than a great gas-powered car.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wide View Mirrors

I just got our second wide view mirror for the new car.  Used the original Broadway mirror for years, and just can't live without it.  So here's a fundamental question in a category of "is it me, or am I missing something here":  Can anybody please tell me WHY no car manufacturer anywhere on earth supplies these kinds of mirrors on their cars?  Why is this an accessory?  Is it me, or does every standard mirror in every car or truck I've ever been in is a small piece of junk that's plain dysfunctional and dangerous?  "You're supposed to turn your head" is a one of those old-time cop-outs that you hear when automakers just refuse to go one tiny step further and design something that actually matters, doesn't cost extra, prevents a ton of accidents and saves lives.  No, they'd rather invest into gimmicky hi-tech blind-spot prevention systems, but completely overlook a virtually-no-cost low-tech solution like a wide mirror.  I guess no point about being cynical;  if we ever want to see this desperately missing change in future cars, we simply have to demand it.  Common BMW, are you listening?