Monday, January 23, 2012

The A21 Campaign against Human Trafficking

In case you've somehow missed it, human trafficking - organized crime sex trafficking specifically - is so widespread and rampant around the world, noone can or should ignore it.   Simply put, it generates over 27 billion - with a "B" - US dollars a year for the mafia bosses that run the operations, with 1.39 MILLION sex slaves, and majority of them ending up somewhere in Europe.  Greece happens to be what's known as "the center of trafficking in Europe."

Its sad statistics indeed, with none of the world's governments doing anywhere near enough to combat this heinous modern disease that's plaguing our world. 

One of the sharpest movies ever made about human trafficking is called Trade, back in 2007.   The stories of women kidnapped in Mexico and trafficked into the US for sex trade are sobering to say the least.

A short while ago, my wife and I heard an amazing speaker at our church, representing the A21 Campaign organization that's on the forefront of fighting these atrocities headquartered in the middle of it all, in Greece.  They also work in Ukraine, a major source of trafficked women, and other locations.

The scope of A21 Campaign work is to prevent trafficking, support and help the victims, prosecute traffickers, and work with law enforcement.  One of the most effective efforts is their educational campaign in the media and schools;  they also operate a Crisis Care Shelter where they connect the victims with police, offer access to medical care, legal services, life skills training, language training, recreation, and other opportunities to help them with stabilizing their lives.

Their transition program helps with accomodation, vocational and educational opportunities, employment, and gradual progression to independence. 

Needless to say, the A21 Campaign is doing priceless work that is critically necessary.  I urge everyone here to please go to their site and support them, as both my wife and I proudly do.  Thank you.

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