Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chevy Volts on Fire - Or, Someone's Pants Are?

I couldn't contain myself when I saw this.  Very sad that hype-crazy media reported the "first" part of the story about Chevrolet Volts catching fires, and left out the critically important "second" part, essentially reporting half the news here.

Bob Lutz (yes THAT Bob Lutz of GM) knows a thing or two about Chevy Volt since he headed the project to begin with; Watch him set the record straight more succinctly than I've probably ever seen.  Specifically, the onslaught of conservative media - i.e Fox, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Dobbs - with severe disregard for any factual reporting, going bunkers enough to sweep the whole thing into "Obama's administration fault" pile.  Making the case abundantly clear with, for starters, the fact that not ONE Volt "has ever caught fire in normal use or in accidents." More remarkable yet, is the fact that Bob Lutz is a conservative republican himself.

Not surprisingly, that really useful to general folk (and our precious economy) piece of information seemed to have quickly evaporated in favor of some bazaar accusations that are entertaining, yet incredibly misleading.  Reason I'm so excited to see Bob Lutz rightfully defend the job GM has done with the Volt is that I was one of those instantly under impression that Volts were poorly engineered and not up to snuff after all the time and effort.  Well, without further adieu, please enjoy the Forbes article for yourself:

"Chevy Volt And The Wrong-Headed Right"

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